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why a slingshot activation: Because sometimes you feel stuck...we mean, really stuck. And nothing you've tried on your own seems to be having the desired effect of getting you unstuck & moving in the right direction. You might even feel like you're going backwards.

And that's exactly what a slingshot is: backward movement followed by forward momentum that propels you far beyond your wildest expectations.

These sessions are designed to do just that...to provide you with the necessary information to slingshot you forward beyond your wildest expectations.

So get ready!


session prep: Once we find a time that works for your session, we will ask for a bit of information from you, specifically...

(1) the BIGGEST CHALLENGE(s) that has/have you feeling stuck (up to 3),


(2) a BRIEF BACKGROUND of your situation,


(3) when you were last "TRIGGERED" 


(4) 3 ADJECTIVES to describe you


& (5) your BIRTHDAY.

You'll send this to us (no later than) the day before your session via a form we will send to you.

We'll also send you the Zoom room information

as part of your session confirmation.

You'll definitely need access to the Internet for your session.

how we work together in the session:  We always begin each session with a water ceremony to set the intention to bring in the best information for you. You'll get to participate in this with us.


Then, we create the bubble by calling in our energy teams & your energy team.


As Laura reviews your submission, she will use her finely tuned intuition & detective skills (thanks Veronica Mars) to ask the questions necessary to get to the heart of what's been blocking your energy.


In the bubble, Candy will connect to your Higher Self to get answers to the questions Laura asks, including the information you need 

to get your energy unstuck.

We'll also incorporate best practices & recommendations from 

our own individual experiences & years of studies/trainings

(in yoga, Reiki, the energy body, Shamanism, food psychology, quantum healing,

psychic development, Cardology, Human Design, astrology, etc.).

We encourage you to ask questions during the session & to ask for

additional information or clarification at any point.

the result: Expect to experience shifts during the session & after. Immediately following, we will send you your SLINGSHOT ACTIVATION, which includes: 

your SESSION RECORDING (up to 1 hour)



Check out this video to discover more about our SLINGSHOT ACTIVATION.


© 2020 by Laura Haehl & Candy Irven


Asheville, NC, USA

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