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Feeling stuck?

Like you just can't get the proper perspective on a

situation, relationship or life?


Good news, there are three ways to work with us...

Ask your inner guru (aka Higher Self)

up to 5 questions.



Let's get you & your energy moving in the right direction.



Take a big leap forward to become the best version of yourself yet!



Attention Gurus!!

We're taking some time off from doing sessions

because we're CREATING some COOL NEW STUFF for you!  

Be sure to get on our email newsletter so you're "in the know".



Ask your inner guru (aka Higher Self) up to 5 questions.

Laura & Candy will serve as your surrogate to

tap into your higher knowing so you can

access the answers you seek.


Receive your recorded session within 10 days.


1-on-1 SESSION


You need some help but prefer to have a more personal interaction.

I mean, sometimes you just want to connect with another human.

We totally get it!

We'll use our intuitive abilities plus our personal & professional experiences to get you &

your energy moving in the right direction.

Each session lasts up to one hour.​

Not sure who to book with?

You could flip a coin, select based on our photo

or learn more about each of us & then pick.

It's up to you...there's no wrong choice.

To learn more about Candy & Laura, check out ABOUT US.




Let us help you SLINGSHOT forward to

become the best version of yourself yet!


We'll help you make

massive shifts & to re-align with your soul purpose

by pairing our personal & professional experiences with

Laura's kick-ass detective work & Candy's ability to connect.

Expect to experience shifts during the session & after, as well as

personalized protocols unique to your situation & soul purpose.


Each session lasts up to one hour.​

Receive your recording & protocols immediately following the session.


© 2020 by Laura Haehl & Candy Irven


Asheville, NC, USA

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