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SEP 27- OCT 5 2020

Explore Spain in a unique way by following ancient trails through some of the most arrestingly beautiful landscapes the country has to offer. We will lead you away from the masses on a road less travelled, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the pilgrim experience to (re)connect to your self & nature.

But don't fret, a pilgrimage doesn't have to mean roughing it! We don't "rough it". On this trip, you'll stay in fabulous accommodations, handpicked to give your camino a touch of luxury. 

Enjoy fantastic local food and wine at every stage of your journey, in a range of carefully selected, authentic restaurants along the route.

  • EXPLORE the beauty of Northern Spain as you (re)CONNECT to self & nature.

  • This landscape of soaring skies and sweeping landscapes will provide you with the SOLITUDE & TRANQUILITY essential to any PILGRIM experience.

  • Start each morning’s walking with a QUANTUM INTENTION led by Candy and Laura.

  • Finish each day with some YOGA (aka stretching) & INTEGRATION time.

  • RELAX & REST your head in the comfortable surroundings of a traditional Galician Palace, known as a Pazo, before spending your final two nights in a luxury hotel in the vibrant city of Santiago.​​


  • Personal & group QUANTUM "BUBBLE" experiences with Laura & Candy

  • Our CAMINO will be led by tour guide extraordinaire MANNI COE of Toma & Coe.

  • 8 NIGHTS accommodation bed & breakfast in double occupancy (up-charge for single occupancy)

  • Space limited to 11 GURUS


8 Nights

  • Arriving into Salamanca

  • Experience a lesser known route, the Camino Sanabrés

  • Departing from Santiago


Day 1

  • Meet in Salamanca by 4pm local time

  • Welcome Meeting

  • Walking Tour of the Old Town with our local guide followed by a very special Welcome Dinner


Day 2

  • Warm up Walk 

  • Today´s warm up walk will be a leisurely 10 km just to get us in the "mood" en route to our starting location of Ourense

  • Group Dinner and special presentation


Day 3

  • The beginning of our 108 km journey to Santiago 

  • We will walk out of the ancient city of Oursense, over the river, UP and over the pass and onto the countryside beyond.

  • Today´s CAMINO will be almost 20 km.

  • Tonight we will be checking into our home for the next 4 nights (aka The Quantum Camino HQ)


Day 4 

Taking in another 20 km stretch of the CAMINO today before we head back to HQ.


Day 5

We continue our CAMINO through the gorgeous landscape of Galicia before retreating back to HQ.


Day 6

We will cover some serious ground today as we prepare the mind, body and soul for the culmination of our pilgrimage. Tomorrow we arrive in Santiago!


Day 7

Our glorious entrance WALKING into the magical city of Santiago de Compostela! We stay the night in Santiago.


Day 8

The walking portion of our pilgrimage is complete. Today we enjoy the history, people & energy of this historical city with our local guide and celebrate with a magnificent dinner!!


Day 9

Departures, hugs & high fives


  • From the US, fly into Madrid to take train into Salamanca.

  • Consider giving yourself an extra day to adjust to the local time zone.

  • For those wanting to explore Madrid (before or after), Manni is available to assist. Just let us know.

  • Break in your walking shoes starting NOW! We'll be walking 4-7 hours each day.

  • CHECK YOUR PASSPORT expiration date (must be valid up to six months AFTER this trip).

  • Watch The Way with Martin Sheen.

  • Read The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coehlo and/or The Camino by Shirley McClaine


Early Bird Price:

  • 3,650 euros per person (double occupancy)

  • 4,250 euros per person (single occupancy)

  • Expires 3/20/20

Non-Early Bird Price:

  • 3,950 euros per person (double occupancy)

  • 4,550 euros per person (single occupancy)

  • After 3/20/20

PRICE includes...

  • 8 nights accommodation 

  • Breakfast

  • Evening meals (wine not included)

  • Luggage transportation along route

  • Assumes double occupancy

  • Single occupancy +600 euros

  • Tour guide extraordinaire, Manni

  • Quantum experiences with Laura & Candy

  • Laughs & high fives

Additional details:

  • Reservation deposit of 300 euros required to hold your spot

  • Remaining 70% due 8 weeks prior to departure

  • Payment via credit card only & collected via phone

*Price does NOT include

  • Airfare/transportation to Salamanca nor home from Santiago.

  • Lunch, which averages 10-15 euros per person per day.

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Spa visits​​

READY to experience The QUANTUM CAMINO?
If you're ready to commit to a NEW YOU
email us at hello@itsyouguru.com .
Remember: Space is limited to the first 11 GURUS to pay a deposit!