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In our quest to find love, we got a reading from THE PSYCHIC LOVER.


Has anyone seen these men??


In the reading, Candy's man was described as having the following characteristics...

Friendliness: Loving, this person is extremely loving to those close to them, they believe there is always more space in everyone’s hearts to give more.

Honesty: Sincere, this person is honest to a fault, they truly care about the repercussions of lying to loved ones.

Assertiveness: Fast-talking, this person has a very energetic mind, and this translate into their work.

Confidence / Ego: Fearless, this person doesn’t care for the opinion of anyone except for the people close to them. They are very happy with the looks.

Agreeableness: Abrupt, this person is not afraid of conflict if they are fighting for what they believe in.

Manners: Gentleperson, a true gentleperson, this person is noted by many for having extremely good manners and always being extremely well presented.

Discipline: Systematic, this person loves structure and enjoys creating systems within their life.

Rebelliousness: Conservative, this person will hold their own and argue for any loved ones but in general they do not want to start conflict without reason.

Emotional capacity: Considerate, this person understands the struggles of life and is there for the people close to them.

Intelligence: A poor judge, I can’t put my finger on this one, it seems they are always looking to grow and expand their knowledge in the form of reading.

Positivity: Despondent, this person has been hurt before and that definitely reflects in positivity to life, in general though they are happy and willing to push through anything.

Activeness / Lifestyle: Athletic, extremely sporty, has a good physique and healthy lifestyle.

Current emotional state: Inspired, this person is looking to improve every day and move on with the important things in life.

If you know this man (AND HE'S SINGLE), shoot an email to hello@itsyouguru.com

and/or tag us on social media @itsyouguru.



In the reading, Laura's man was described as having the following characteristics...

Friendliness: Welcoming, this person is extremely open to meeting new people and they certainly make people around them feel warm and comfortable.

Honesty: Honorable, lying is one of this person’s biggest hates, they pride themselves in being honest and trustworthy.

Assertiveness: A leader (when necessary), this person seems to be a challenging force in business and that carries across into their personal life.

Confidence / Ego: Insecure, in some ways the person feels as though they need to prove their worth to loved ones.

Agreeableness: A peacemaker, hates confrontation unless they are defending their beliefs.

Manners: Polite, extremely well-mannered and respectful in both open and close situations.

Discipline: Methodical, this person is a true thinker, they think hard about every action before it is made, this is a very highly sort after trait.

Rebelliousness: Hates structure and routine, doesn’t comply with being told what to do.

Emotional capacity: Loving, this person has a huge heart that they are just waiting to share with everyone close to them.

Intelligence: Logical, extremely focused on what’s important in life, very eager to learn and grow as a person.

Positivity: Complacent, this person is happy with where they are in life but is still missing that one special person.

Activeness / Lifestyle: Roving, loves to travel and see the world, they want to experience as much as they can in this life.

Current emotional state: Sympathetic, understands the hardships of everyday life and is always there to comfort those around them.

If you know this man (AND HE'S SINGLE), shoot an email to hello@itsyouguru.com

and/or tag us on social media @itsyouguru.


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