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The hand you were dealt is yours to play. 

Yeppers. You do have an actual hand that you were dealt. Or rather, your soul chose this hand to learn certain lessons in this lifetime.


Let’s just focus on the two most important cards in your hand. While traditionally the Sun Card is the primary card, we say pff to that since we find them both super relevant.

1. The Sun (Birth) Card is the card for your birthday and is based on your astrological sun sign. Think of this as YOUR CARD.

2. The second most powerful influence in your hand (the Planetary Ruling Card) is based on the planetary ruler of your astrological sign (see the chart below). Think of this as YOUR OTHER CARD.

A Note to Leos & Scorpios 


Dear Leos...

Since the Sun rules Leo, your Birth Card and PRC are the same. Sorry Leos! You are just more influenced by your birth card than any others.

Makes things simple.

Psst Scorpios...

Conversely, Scorpios get two Planetary Ruling Cards, because Scorpio is ruled by both Mars and Pluto.

Y’all are complicated! Duh.

© 2020 by Laura Haehl & Candy Irven


Asheville, NC, USA

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