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BQH: helping people help themselves

I guess I’ve always been intuitive, even before I really knew what that meant. I had just assumed I was really good at giving advice and reading situations...you know, using my brain. Oh, silly girl…!

It was when I started seeing Reiki clients that things finally clicked for me. My ability to read a situation had very little to do with my brain and everything to do with being dialed into the energy around me.

During sessions, an image would pop into my head or a story would start to play out. Sometimes I’d feel something in my body that seemed to come from nowhere, like my heart would race or my stomach would drop or a random pain would appear.

What I quickly figured out was that these “messages” weren’t for me or about me. Rather, I was tapping into what my client was experiencing in their body...their energy field...and I was gaining access to information meant for them. So I started sharing these experiences at the end of each session.

In the beginning, sharing just felt like another way to help. Over time, I started to feel the pressure from clients seeking answers from someone/something outside themselves. This felt counter-intuitive (pun intended) from what I really wanted to do which was to empower people to do it themselves. To become their own guru.

Enter BQH.

At the time, I couldn’t explain why I wanted to sign up to learn another modality. I just couldn’t shake the feeling that it was something I really wanted to do. Once I started the training, though, it all made sense.

BQH is all about empowering the client. They come up with their own questions. They access their own answers. My job is simple: help them relax, play detective and hold space for them to have whatever experience they are meant to have.

What I love most is when the session ends and I get to see the look on a client’s face as they realize that the answers they have been searching for...the very same answers they had been looking for externally...were within the whole time. Fork yeah, it’s magical! It’s magical watching people help themselves.

Guru Gainz,


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