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In my BQH session today, I wanted to know what I needed to work on. Specifically, I was curious about what I needed to focus on clearing to continue toward becoming the best version of myself.

Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

The first word I heard was "fear". Ok. That seemed pretty broad, especially since I wouldn't consider myself a fearful person. Then the picture began to unfold and the download of information poured in. So much so that I had to wait before I could speak. It was as if the information was coming in faster than I could engage my brain to say the words.

Essentially, what I need to clear is the fear of what people think of me, particularly those close to me. The reason this is important now is because I've been holding myself back. I've been censoring my words so I wouldn't step on anyone's toes....offend....contradict...upset...etc. Hence the tension I've been experiencing in my jaw. Ahhhh....ok.... (As it does, this limiting belief had manifested in the body to get my attention.)

My mind wanted to create an organizational structure...a hierarchy, of sorts...for me to function within. But because this structure isn't real but a construct I was creating, I had energetically put myself into a time-out. Kind of like an energetic hold queue. And there I sat. Holding my words. Literally, clinching my jaw. Waiting...

In the session, we were able to quickly tie this back to trauma from junior high and high school when I started to explore my personal power by speaking my mind. I'm sure I wasn't always the most articulate nor heart centered person at that age. So I experienced some blow back in terms of arguments and damaged friendships.

Given the fragility of young egos, those wounds were deep and the scars remained. In that moment in my BQH session, I realized how that unconscious fear of losing my nearest and dearest friends was still there...lurking just below the surface but having a fairly significant impact in my life.

What I was able to see is how that construct exists within an ego-centric (service to self) belief system. And how when you look at the same construct but from pure vibrations and frequencies, the result is the same but the pain is gone. Meaning....

We are vibrations and frequencies. As such, we attract others that match us...and repel those that don't. So, it's not so much about "liking" someone or being "liked", but more about being in resonance with them. In other words, my responsibility is to be the best version of myself I can be. To exist at the highest vibration and frequency I can...knowing that it may vary from day to day and change as I continue to do my own personal work. And as a result, my tribe will be what it will be based on this. As we all work to lift ourselves and each other up, we will continue to harmonize with each other. And to the degree we don't, we simply don't.

Just like that, in my BQH session I was able to see how my fear of being judged wasn't really about being judged. It was all just part of another science experiment. I was able to see how my mind was trying to apply constraints and models based on past experiences that no longer made sense. To see how important clearing this fear is to my ability to positively contribute to our business, grow friendships and share my truth with those that resonate with it.

This is one of the things I love so much about BQH. What seems like a simple question can result in a discovery that will truly change your life. :) #factnotjudging