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Extra, extra! Read all about March!

Laura & I are super duper excited to kick off our "monthly scoop" with March. Each month, we'll BQH each other (Yes, we're using it like a verb. Look out Google!) to tune into the energies of the coming month.

We asked "What's up with March, yo?!?" And we got some crazy shit. So without further adieu... 🎶Ground control to Major Tom 🎶...

We know it's already chaotic out there, but March is bringing more of the same (sigh...). That's right. More crazy coming your way, especially between the 15th (Ides of March) and 20th (Spring Equinox) of the month. Make note of the 17th. There may be a press conference or announcement that could leave people feeling a bit unsettled or chaotic.

The good news? You just got the inside scoop that something is coming. So you get to be in control instead of simply reacting to what is coming at you. We recommend shutting out and turning off the fear porn. You know what we're talking about. Try to limit (or cut out completely) the amount of time spent ingesting the news, radio, social media, etc. If it gets you riled up, shut it off!

Life challenge! If you're up for it, see how long you can go in the morning without checking any social media accounts. 😲Laura's been doing it and says it's amazing. Another option is to turn off your social media notifications. That is Candy's strategy and it works because sometimes she forgets to check Facebook for days. Whaaaaaat!?!?

While you might not be able to control what happens around you (or on social media), you can control your reaction to it. Consider using the time between the 15th-20th to do some self care. Unplug, crank up the 80s music and dance your arse off.

This might also be a good time to do a bit self-reflection. Start (or continue) questioning things. Look at your circle of friends. What are they reflecting back to you? Are they good role models? How do they make you feel?

As you get centered and more grounded, you'll be able to feel more into your own frequency. Who are you drawn to? Anyone in particular you'd like to grab coffee with or have a conversation with?

If people start disappearing out of your life, it's OK. We promise! It's a frequency change, not anything personal. Kind of like how you listen to some bands for a while and then you just don't anymore. Life is all about matching frequencies. So, look at the people you're hanging out with and ask yourself if they are doing the things you want to be doing. If yes, great! If not, make a change!

All of this (the self care, unplugging, asking ourselves key questions, getting centered and grounded) is important to prep you for success. The clearer we can get about what's important to us and tapping into our passion, the easier it will be for us to manifest. Holla!! As you set your intention for the month, be sure to put some positive emotion behind it!

Remember: as above, so below. Everything we see happening on the macro is also happening on the micro. There's still shit coming up and being exposed which means you still have some shit to come up and out. (Don't be hard on yourself...we all have "stuff" to deal with!) This is actually a good thing! You gots to process it and deal with it to rise to that next level of success, whether professionally or personally.

PRO TIP! This month it's super important to get grounded. If you have a method that works for you, great. Ways we like to ground include: barefoot outside, take a bath, eat chocolate, drink dark beverages/warm beverages, eat comfortable food, eat root veggies, hug a tree or a friend. Actually, we always recommend hugging a friend. :)

That's all we got for March! Let us know what you think...and how it goes.

Guru Gainz,

Laura & Candy