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BQH: you as your own psychic

Candy and I have spent years trying out different types of energy healing. We started out seeing shamans for soul retrieval sessions, and continued on to become certified Reiki masters. Candy got certified in Eating Psychology and Holy Fire Reiki. I trained in crystals, opening my third eye and did a correspondence psychic development course.

But we found BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing), we knew we had found the right modality. We love it because:

It teaches you that you in fact, do have all the answers inside. We hear this all the time from various spiritual teachings, but BQH actually helps you EXPERIENCE that YOU KNOW the answers deep down.

We get to help you explore yourself. You give us your list of questions and your intention for the session and we get to be investigators: digging into what comes up in your session to make sure you are getting your questions answered.

It helps you relax so you can receive a powerful healing. We have even seen clients’ bodies shake and twitch during the healing portion. Typically, people just feel a profound sense of calm. Many of our clients describe certain emotions or pains leaving their body during the healing portion.

You might have a wild experience. We have had clients visit other planets, outer space, the void, childhood memories, relatives that have passed and more! Regardless of the experience, each client has come away with a feeling of peace.

Candy and I have visited several different psychics over the years because it is so damn fun! What we love about BQH is that you are getting your own answers instead of looking outside of yourself for them. Even though we can BQH each other whenever we want, we still go to see psychics… because it is so damn fun. The difference is, we are able to leave things behind that don’t resonate with us deep down. BQH has given us more confidence in our own ability to KNOW.

For more info on BQH, click here.

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