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Quantum Healing (#BQH)


CONGRATS! You did the hardest part. You booked a session. (Feels good to check something off the list already) :-D

Write down up to 10 questions for the session. Click here for some ideas! REMEMBER: There is no question too big, too small or too ridiculous.

Then write down your intention for the session. This can be related to your questions or not. It can be a personal intention or something bigger than you (like family harmony or world peace). See the video below.


PRO TIP: You can choose to do the Water Ceremony to energetically put your intentions in your body. See the video below.


The sessions are via the phone or ZOOM (AUDIO ONLY) so make sure you pick a spot for your session that provides you with a strong connection. We will send you the  contact info in your confirmation booking email. 

Click this Zoom link on the device you plan to use for the session. To join, use the CODE 598-340-8389.


Try to limit distractions and back ground noise so it's easy for you to hear us...and us to hear you.

PRO TIP: Grab your favorite crystal, stone or talisman (if you have one) so you can have it nearby or on your person during the session.


If you don't have Zoom downloaded to your device, go to Zoom.us , select JOIN A MEETING & enter the CODE 598-340-8389.

Feel free to dial in early as you will be placed 'on hold' until we allow you in to the call!

Once your call begins, we will say hello, take a few deep breaths together and let you ask your first question. You will be able to ask as many clarifying questions as you like during the 15 minutes or continue on to your next question on the list.

PRO TIP: Since we are communicating with your Higher Selves, you do not need to give us any background information unless you really want to. It just ends up eating up time you could use asking questions!

PRO TIP: If you are late to the call, you will lose part of your time. We can't let the calls run over as they are back to back.


You did it!

Ground yourself, if you feel a little light headed, spacey or disconnected from your body. There are lots of ways to ground. Some of our favorites include walking barefoot on the ground, sitting on the ground, hugging a tree (for real), eating comfort food or root veggies, take a bath, imagine roots growing from your feet into the earth, do yoga, beat a drum or dance, if you have the energy.

Download a copy of the recording from your session which we will send to your email within a day or two or your session. We won't keep a copy of it for long though so we recommend downloading within 2 weeks. We recommend re-listening at least once over the next week or so.

PRO TIP: Remember that the healing and knowledge you gleaned from your session will continue to integrate for the next couple of weeks. Pay attention to your surroundings, thoughts that pop into your head and things you hear. You may begin to notice new ways that the universe communicates with you. :-)

Oh yeah! You booked.
The information below will help to prepare you for your session,
The ZOOM INFO to join your session will be emailed to you!