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Laura began her professional life as a consultant for Arthur Andersen in Chicago after she earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management from Purdue University.


If you have never heard of Arthur Andersen it's because it no longer exists thanks to it being the accounting firm for Enron when that company decided to shred a bunch of documents it wasn't supposed to.

Just prior to the Enron scandal, the U.S. was brought to its knees with the 9/11 tragedy. As Laura watched all of this go down, she realized she needed to make a change. So she left the corporate world to go into a job that would allow her to have more impact on the world… teaching high school Spanish.


Luckily, she already knew how to speak Spanish and after earning her Master’s in Education, she worked as a teacher for eight years. Teaching both locally and abroad, allowed Laura to blend her passions for teaching and traveling into a successful career.

Early on in her journey (circa 1996), Laura heard Madonna credit her fit body to yoga, so she decided to give it a try. The results were more than physical for Laura. Yoga became a way for Laura to reconnect to what was most important to her, the feeling of living a balanced life.

Rather than just be a yogi, though, Laura decided to merge her passion for yoga with her passion for teaching and dedicated the summer of 2007 to earning her 200 hour RYT certification so she could teach yoga.

While she was teaching high school Spanish, she spent three summers teaching a language and cultural immersion program in Oviedo, Spain, allowing her to become fluent in Spanish and experience a culture that embraced a more relaxed, sustainable and enjoyable work pace.


While teaching and mentoring high school students had its rewards, the schedule back home ultimately got the best of her. She fell ill with a bizarre immune system disorder that resulted in a blood issue that could only be controlled by severely altering her diet. She knew immediately that there had to be a better way than living such a restricted life, so she went on a quest to find it.


​This quest led Laura deeper into the study of the human body, including the physical, mental and energy bodies. She began to understand that our health is a result of how we interact with the world which has been proven over and over again in various studies: stress is detrimental to our longevity.


Laura's search took her to the field of energy work, specifically to Reiki. Much like her previous passions, Laura decided to go all in and she earned a Reiki Master certification which she used to train others to become Reiki practitioners.

Laura leveraged her certifications and life experiences to again switch careers to something she was more passionate about and to have more flexibility in her schedule (thanks, Spain!)  


She co-founded a small healing and coaching business with Candy Irven. When Candy purchased a local yoga studio called Tree House, the business partners, friends and soul sisters decided to merge their healing and coaching business with the yoga studio, moving it literally beneath the studio in a space they affectionately called The Sanctuary (because who wants to say they work in a basement?)​


Having acquired a fondness for the entrepreneurial spirit, the dynamic duo decided to start another business, along with cardologist Paula Krueger, called Kismet (itiskismet.com).

Kismet is a website that helps people understand their life purpose through the lens of cardology (the science behind the playing cards). Laura is a Six of Clubs (aka The Tuned In Realist).

Laura is not only a supporter of the gig economy, she thrives in it having worked as a tutor, interpreter, legal assistant, yoga studio manager, coach, cardologist and BQH practitioner.

Laura loves turning her passions into careers and realized she also loves the freedom of being her own boss and helping others to discover that they too can live a passionate and balanced life.


During her free time, Laura works out, practices yoga and drinks coffee, some days lots of coffee. She loves salsa dancing, floating, boxing and bingeing science fiction TV shows.

Laura believes each individual chooses their unique life path and purpose. The challenge is in discovering it before it’s too late.




During the session I felt very relaxed and kind of out-of-body. As we traveled through my various questions, some deep emotions began to surface, but the Sacred Space Laura created for our session allowed for a safe, gentle and fluid release... which by the end had me feeling ten pounds lighter!


Since the session, I've been experiencing a noticeable sense of empowerment! Challenges are dealt with greater ease and confidence and I've been stepping further into my Soul's purpose. I also find my ability to connect with my Oversoul and Spirit Team to be nearly instantaneous! It's as if my awareness has expanded into a more multidimensional and concurrent experience.


I would encourage anyone entertaining the idea of a BQH session to absolutely go for it!! I recommend preparing your list of questions, but then do your best to let go of any expectations or attachments to outcomes. I believe this allowed me to be a clearer channel for Laura to do her work and for higher information to present. I've experienced similar sessions with other practitioners, but I truly believe it was Laura's kind and brilliant essence that allowed me to expand further than I ever have before!

-Shana E. (heartonradio.com)

During the session I felt very relaxed and sometimes I didn’t even feel like I was in my body. It felt like I was levitating or like I was in another dimension. I was conscious the whole time, though.


I, like everyone else, has questions about my life, but having to formulate and think about these questions before the session made me really think through things and be more specific about what my questions were. So I believe the process started even before the session began.


During the session, as we started to address the questions, I thought the answers would just pop into my mind, which they didn’t. In the beginning I was searching for the answers, so I felt a little anxious about it since I wasn’t able to channel it. But then, the more relaxed I became and the more I stopped worrying about it, the more I understood that I was able to understand more clearly which direction I should go.


By the end of the session I wasn’t worried about getting the right answer, it was more about finding the right piece to complete a puzzle. It was more about figuring out if it was right for me, if the direction I was headed was bringing me peace and joy.


After the session was over, I still had questions. But I think the big change was that now every time one of these issues comes to my mind, I’m able to redirect my thoughts and search for the right piece to complete that specific puzzle I’m facing.


So, for me, BQH is not about getting an immediate answer for the questions, is about finding the right path to solve it. I would definitely recommend it!

-Giselle M.

I must be honest, I was quite apprehensive about trying BQH. I was not sure what to expect and was fearful of the process. Due to my fear, I was unable to be comfortable enough to proceed and had a surrogate undergo the process for me. It was amazing! I received answers to help me better understand why I was experiencing certain things in this life. It helped me understand my life course and the internal struggles that I was experiencing. I feel that the BQH helped to clear some past issues as well. I have a clearer picture on what I need to work on to progress in my spiritually. I will most certainly do this again and would recommend to anyone whose journey leads them to it. I hope that my fear has subsided enough to undergo the process myself. After observing, there is really nothing to fear!


-Jackie (Assist / surrogate by Candy)

This was my first experience with quantum healing and I was nervous about it. Laura helped me feel at ease and handled my session with the utmost care and professionalism, guiding me into deep relaxation. My nervous, doubting mind was set aside, while I remained lucidly aware of everything going on, both in the room and within the expanded state of my consciousness. I received the answers I was seeking and a shorter session afforded me the opportunity to have the initial experience without all of the pressure I feel a longer session may have caused. As a daily meditator I can attest that one BQH with Laura helped me make leaps and bounds of progress into the higher brainwave states I had been working to achieve. I highly recommend her services!


I experienced a BQH session with Laura because I was keen to connect with the wisdom of my higher self. During the session, I felt completely relaxed and at ease.  My arms felt heavy like they were releasing a lot of tension. Although my conscious state was vastly altered, I was still aware of the questions and answers throughout the session. As a result of the session, I am experiencing increased levels of inner peace and heightened confidence. If you are considering BQH I would highly recommend it. The experience gives you a unique opportunity to tap into universal wisdom through your higher self.


Laura and BQH exceeded my expectations, I sincerely didn't expect such instant and transformative results.

-Pamela M.

Amazing, Laura. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’ve just been for the most beautiful walk and it was surreal.The whole thing was a metaphor. At one point we reached a summit and there were four deer silhouetted against the sunset. It was really one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. We just stood there gazing at each other and not wanting to break the magic. I feel the four deer represented my three brothers and I. Then they all ran off in different directions......so symbolic ......but they will find each other again as they are but one family. Despite all of the dangers that may cross their paths............I bounced all the way home and am now filled with the most amazing sense of peace and love. Reubs and I just had the best hug and chat. Thank you for your time and your safekeeping. I totally know you had me safe.

-Manni C. (surrogate session for his brother, Reuben, who has Down syndrome)

My BQH session with Laura was impressive for several reasons:
1. I was able to reach a very deep state very quickly
2. I had access to all the answers of my questions, and more
3. I had a profound sense of peace and well being during the session, but also afterward, like I am on purpose.

I felt very safe and fluid, although it took me a little while to get there.  The induction may have been too fast for me, as I have leftover anxiety from the repressed memory.  But Laura spotted my need to relax more and go deeper immediately and remedied it.


The session came at a time when I was in the middle of a challenging period, and it gave me much needed peace of mind that I was on track.  (Why do we always need that so much???? OMG)

I would tell anyone, unless hypnosis is contraindicated for them, that this is a must have experience. It's a kind of gateway into higher consciousness, and the experience is completely one's own. No one is 'doing anything to you’. We have access to this place where all comfort, love, and information exist (within us) and a BQH session can jump start one's ability to get there.

Since I have both given and received many regression sessions, I knew what to expect. What was different was the rapid induction. It was like a supersonic jet compared to the nice slow bus ride to the train station to the airport with other methods. I feel one needs to get the hang of it to really take full advantage of what BQH has to offer.

-Paula K. (Paula does cardology readings! You should check her out at itiskismet.com)