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This session offers a unique VIP experience for those who want to lay back and experience "the bubble" in a relaxed, stress free manner while also getting answers to important questions. 


It's especially helpful if you have not meditated before (or rarely do), find it difficult to relax or are nervous about BQH buuuut want to explore the benefits. 

In this session, you will have the opportunity to experience what a regular BQH session is like without the pressure of feeling like you have to make a connection to get answers to your questions.


That's what Laura and Candy are here for, to serve as your surrogate to tap into your higher knowing, and "assist" you in having a quantum experience.

You will participate in the Water Ceremony and Induction, feel the shifting of the energy as you enter "the bubble", as we like to call it, and (the best part) experience the healing at the end of the session.

During the session, as Laura and Candy access answers to your questions, we will also be checking in with you during the session to see if you have additional questions you'd like us to explore.


Finally, we'll help you to understand how your higher self is communicating with you on a regular basis.


All of this is what truly differentiates the VIP Assist session from other BQH sessions and helps to build confidence in becoming your own guru.

This session is also beneficial when working to assist young children, individuals with special needs or loved ones that are ill / unable to communicate.

This session can last up to 90 minutes and will be recorded over Zoom.

Got questions about the process? Visit our FAQ page or send an email to

This session is ONLY available to MEMBERS of THE GURU LEAGUE.





Light Language is a powerful tool that allows us to access information in the form of art, music, tones, words, colors, etc.

Much like quantum healing, light language is not necessarily understood by the logical mind. Rather it is a series of patterns that affect our energy body and heart.


Sometimes it is used for clearing and other times it is for bringing new skills online.


The Light Language Activation packet includes an audio file of light language and a digital light language mandala both created with your intention and energy in mind.

See samples below.


Laura will read your intention and create both the light language track (3-5 minutes) and mandala for what you need right now! You will also receive instructions for how to use them.

Got questions about the process? Watch the video below or visit our FAQ page. 

This session is ONLY available to MEMBERS of THE GURU LEAGUE.


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