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Welcome to our FAQs.


If you can't find the answer you're looking for, feel free to contact us.


What is a Higher Self Write In?

This session is perfect when you (1) have questions but don't yet feel you can access the answers your self, (2) don't feel the need to book a 1-on-1 bubble session, (3) want something quick, easy & affordable. All you have to do is buy the session & then send us UP TO 5 questions. Remember, it's 5 questions in total, not multple questions per each box. Once we receive your questions, one of us will go into the bubble to tap into your higher knowing (aka higher consciousness, higher self, inner guru) while the other asks your questions aloud. We'll record the session & send it to you for your listening pleasure. Expect to receive your recording within 10 days after your submission. PRO TIPS: Our Higher Selves only answer the question you ask so be clear, specific & as neutral as possible when crafting your questions. Avoid leading questions. Also, when crafting your question consider the answer you are seeking. Be sure to download & save your recording for safe keeping. We delete session recordings every 2 weeks from our servers.

What kinds of questions can I ask in a Higher Self Write In session?

You can ask anything you want! There are no requirements as to what you can seek an answer to. You can ask about careers, relationships, family, vacations, purchases, experiences, the future, past or present...literally, anything! As a matter of fact, we love seeing how creative y'all can get with your questions. Just keep in mind that this service is limited to 5 questions. That doesn't mean creatively using conjunctions to ask multiple questions in one sentence. If you submit more than 5 questions, we'll still only 5 of them in the bubble.

What is a Slingshot Activation?

It's time to book a Slingshot Activation when (1) you feel like for every step forward you take, you're taking at least three back, (2) no matter how hard you try to do the "right" thing, you aren't making any headway, or (3) you don't even know how or where to begin to get things (you) moving in the "right" direction. The Slingshot Activation is perfect for those times! Still not sure? Picture a slingshot. Now imagine pulling it way, way, way back and then release. See ya! Not only have you soared past those three steps backwards but you are light years ahead of where you could have imagined being. And that's what you get from this service! Once you book the service...that's right, you'll join us live for this session...we'll send you a form to complete with some information about what's going on in your life. That will help Laura to better determine the questions that would be most helpful to ask Candy while she's in the bubble (connecting to your higher wisdom). Not only will we work with your Higher Self to tune into what's most important to get you moving and re-aligned with your soul purpose, but we'll couple that information with our individual & professional experiences, studies and trainings to create a personalized set of protocols that are unique to your situation. Best part? Because you'll be in the session with us if you want to ask clarifying questions in the moment, you can! Each session can last up to 1 hour. Immediately following the session, we will send you your recording & protocols to slingshot you out of your funk.

How is the Slingshot Activation different than a Higher Self Write In Session?

With a Write In Session, you send us up to 5 specific questions you have. We connect with your Higher Self & send you a recording with the answers. That's it! Nice, simple & effective. However, we know that sometimes you may want a little more. While getting the anwers is amazing, sometimes more guidance on how to implement the answers is needed, especially when you're looking to make a big shift. So, that's where the Slingshot Activation is best! With the Slingshot Activation, you'll tell us the biggest issues you're facing...the ones that have you feeling stalled out or stuck...and we'll connect with your Higher Self to get answers. We'll take those answers and based on our past experiences, studies and trainings, we'll create a personalized protocol to get you unstuck, soaring to new heights and re-aligned with your soul purpose. Immediately following the session, you'll recieve a recording of your session & a PDF of the protocols to get (and keep) you moving. The other BIG difference is you'll actually be in the session with us during the Slingshot Activation. This means you can ask your own clarifying questions...in the moment!

How do I know which service I need?

It's pretty simple, actually. If you know the questions you want to ask...the questions you NEED to ask...then the Write In is for you. If you don't know the questions but know that you need something BIG to change and you're ready to do the work to MAKE the change happen, then the Slingshot Activation is your answer. If you aren't 100% sure of the questions & know that you need something to change but prefer to work directly with either Laura OR Candy, then the 1-on-1 Session is ideal.

Can I get a refund on a service?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for purchased services. If you have a scheduling conflict, we will do our best to work with you to reschedule your service to a time that works for all.

What is a 1-on-1 Session?

Our 1-on-1 Session is an opportunity to work 1-on-1 with either Laura or Candy, who will serve as your intuitive guide to best assist you with whatever is challenging you. This session is great whether you're working through something "simple" or a BIG shift. It can also be ideal for those times when working with both Laura & Candy together might feel a little too overwhelming. We totally get it & want to support you on your journey in whatever way works best for you. This session will last up to 1 hour & we may accomplish everything during the session OR you might have some takeaways to do on your own. Pro tip: Consider recording the session so you an refer to later. Sometimes it's hard to remember everything that was shared & trying to write it all down might take you out of the experience.


What is the GURU LEAGUE?

The Guru League is our top level monthly YouTube membership. It is THE place to hang with us & interact with other gurus like you! As a Guru League member you have to our monthly energies video & exclusive access to our LIVE bubble Q&A, mid-month energy check-in video & monthly member connect. It's THE place for gurus that are ready to take their lives to the next level & more fully align with their soul purpose (aka life path). Visit this link to learn more about the Guru League.

What is the GURU SQUAD?

The Guru Squad is our entry level monthly YouTube membership. With this membership, you'll have access to our monthly energies video. You'll also have the ability to chat with us & other members during video premieres. This membership is a great way for us to share our energy with you & for you to share your appreciation with us. It's a win-win!

Can anyone join?

Absolutely!! Both memberships exist for anyone & everyone who wants to join, no matter where you are on your path. Because each is a monthly membership, you are free to come & go as you see fit. There's no long term commitment. Although, we'd love for you to hang with us foreva.

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, because membership exists within the YouTube platform, it's not possible for us to offer a refund. That is all managed through YouTube.

What does it mean to become a "member"?

Glad you asked! We have TWO (2) different membership options: (1) The Guru Squad &(2) The Guru League. Each is a monthly membership & has its own perks. To learn more, visit our community page.


What is a Higher Self?

We like to think of the Higher Self as the part of you that is connected to Source (the Divine, the Oneness, the All, God, etc.). Some use the term super-consciousness to describe the Higher Self. Your super-consciousness is the third part of your consciousness (the other two being the subconscious & the conscious minds) but it is the least accessed & understood. Go figure! The Higher Self is the part of you that knows why you are here & why you choose to experience the things you are experiencing. It has a higher vantage point (aka the ability to see the forest & the trees). It guides us toward peace & happiness. It is the part of us that is the never-broken link we have to the uni-verse! And it gives THE best advice!

What does "in the bubble" mean?

We use the term "in the bubble" to describe the experience of connecting to our Higher Selves, your Higher Self & the collective consciousness. The "bubble" is an intentional space we create to access the highest information for ourselves, our clients & anyone listening / watching us. The term was coined from the feeling we'd get when we'd connect....a feeling of connection & protection. We also often saw a honeycomb type of pattern forming around us & extending out to create a "bubble" from which we could access information.

Why do you call yourself an "intuitive guide"?

It took us a while to figure out what label best explains what it is that we do. We wanted to use a term that would (hopefully) mean something to you & describe who we are. We considered pyschic, healer, helper, assistant, teacher, coach & more but none of them felt quite right until "intuitive guide" popped into our consciousness. You see, we look at life as a journey...a pilramage of sorts. And we've both been incredibly fortunate to be assisted on our journeys by amazing guides, mentors, teachers, healers, friends, Camino angels, etc. But we know not everyone has a cadre of people on standby. So that's where we come in. We're here to assist you using our intiuitive skills, personal & professional experiences, trainings & friendship to help guide you toward being the best version of your self...living your best life...and to be best aligned with your path & purpose.

© 2020 by Laura Haehl & Candy Irven


Asheville, NC, USA

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