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Having left her corporate job at the age of 41, Candy decided to dedicate her life to finding her path, (re)building meaningful relationships and the exploration of spiritual development, both her own and those around her. Candy's journey led her back to a long-held passion for helping and advising others and inspired her to finally turn that passion into a career.

During her career at NIC, she held a variety of leadership roles eventually earning the title General Manager/President of their Indiana subsidiary. Upon moving to the corporate level, she continued to climb the ladder making her way to Vice President of Operations reporting to the COO. She had arrived!

At the height of her corporate career, rising to be the only two female vice president on the operations team, Candy realized she wanted more out of life than a title. On a personal level, she had experienced two failed marriages and found herself in yet another long-term relationship that was going nowhere. She had been so focused on her career, she had forgotten (how) to focus on herself. So...

To the shock of nearly everyone around her, Candy quit her big job with the fancy title to embark on the hardest job…(re)connecting with herself, healing her heart and finding her soul’s purpose. Because she wanted to be a writer and had heard that to be a writer you needed to write every day for a year, she documented her escape and self explorations on her 365go.me blog. This is where you really get to know Candy.

Prior to leaving NIC, Candy earned her 200 hour yoga instructor certification and completed a Kids Yoga® training but was too busy with her career to teach yoga to adults or children. Once she found herself free of the corporate restraints, she was able to finally begin teaching. Her love of water and the outdoors, led her to start teaching yoga on paddle boards, of all things, affording her a level of freedom and expression she hadn't felt since childhood. She eventually moved her teaching indoors as the weather cooled, spending several years teaching adults and student athletes and volunteering her time to teach children at a local domestic violence shelter.

With more time on her hands, Candy discovered a passion for the intersection of science and spirituality, called metaphysics. This led her to earn a coaching certification in the Psychology of Dynamic Eating from the Institute of Eating Psychology in Boulder, Colorado, become an USUI Reiki Master (certified to work with humans AND animals) and co-found, along with Laura Haehl, a cardology based business called Kismet (www.itiskismet.com). Candy is a Six of Diamonds in cardology (aka The Sensitive Advocate).


​Along the way, Candy was drawn to purchase a local yoga studio in Indianapolis, Tree House, which she transformed into the zen performance lab called Altitud, prior to closing it down so she could follow her soul’s calling to live surrounded by mountains.


Candy holds a B.S. in Organizational Leadership and Supervision from Purdue University. She also earned distinction as a Sagamore of the Wabash recipient from Governor Frank O’Bannon and is a recipient of the Indianapolis 40 Under 40 achievement award.

To unwind, Candy enjoys yoga, meditation, kickboxing, being in nature, traveling alone or with friends and getting sucked into psychological thrillers. But more than anything, she loves spending time with Sheba, her American Bulldog. Nothing beats the unconditional love and uncontrollable tail-wagging of a furry friend.



I was hesitant before my first BQH session, not knowing what to expect.  What I got out of the very first session was far more than I could have ever imagined!  It took me some time to relax but once I did, I experienced healing during the session – the sensation being closest to reiki work. After the first session, I felt drained for two days, much like after a good yoga class or massage. If you are considering BQH, I think you just need to be open to the winding journey, relax and be open! Candy was supportive and did a great job at guiding the session. BQH is something where I felt immediate results after the first session. I felt lighter. I felt like my fuller self and BQH helped me find my heart’s center.


BQH with Candy was my second experience, and it was more dynamic than the average. A friend and I chose to be tandem subjects, fully trusting Candy’s skills to assist us simultaneously. The experience was amazing! I had a headache and did not know if it would hinder the process. I found out it did not. My friend and I were able to help each other find answers, affirming information, and accessing clarity. For instance, my primary question was how to best market my new business. All that came to me was “echo.” My friend was able to provide more information by adding that “echo only has to be spoken once.” While it’s important to have solid questions prepared, Candy was able to skillfully discern where a question would need additional inquiry to continue the progress. The healing portion at the end was phenomenal, and immediately released the headache I was experiencing, much to my amazement. I felt confidently safe, protected, and masterfully guided with Candy facilitating. Since then I have experienced an easier time going into and maintaining meditation for longer durations. Dreamtime has been more clear and vivid.

-Christina (participant in a group BQH session with a friend)

During my BQH session, I felt very relaxed and as if I was under a spell, in the best way.  I was watching a movie yet I was the director, the screenwriter and also the star of the film.  I was fascinated and couldn't wait for the next scene as I felt I was uncovering so much and connecting the dots to so many past struggles.  Once I was done with the session I realized how much lighter I felt. I felt amazing and as if I had read ten self-help books, and undergone about 20 therapy sessions.  The answers that came out of the session came from me and that is an incredibly powerful feeling. I had the answers all along, but I needed the guidance to tap into what was underneath or what I had been ignoring.  During the session, it became very clear what work I needed to to in my life to move forward with a situation I have been struggling with for years.

As a result of my session, my boundaries have strengthened and I have let go of a situation that was toxic and unhealthy.  That has allowed me to see things more clearly and understand what love is, and what it isn't. While I am still cautious, I am in no way struggling like I used to or running from love.  I see signs that I am on the right path. Some symbolism came from my session and I have embraced the very thing that used to scare me.

If you’ve never done a BQH session before, try it!  It's honestly amazing and one of the best things I have ever done.  I am going to schedule a remote session as I have more things I want to clear up in my life.  If you are struggling with something and want answers, GO FOR IT. BQH is a reminder of how powerful we are and how to take time to get the answers we need from ourselves.  I love the structure of the BQH sessions and feel I need it so I can continue the work, and I know others would find it incredibly useful as well!


I honestly went in with no expectations.  I was emotional during the session and afterwards I felt amazing.  I haven't felt that good in a very long time and I can't want for my next session!


Candy conducted a BQH session on me and I must admit, her soothing voice and visualization process quickly dropped me in deep. Going into this kind of a session helps to instill the intentionality that I want to live with at both a conscious and subconscious level. I would highly recommend getting a session with Candy!


During the session I felt elevated...my body was grounded but I was floating outside of it.  The out of body experience was unlike anything I've experienced - like being conscious while my body was asleep - and was a unique way to address questions I've been wrestling with.  I did not expect to travel.


I feel more connected to the environment/spiritual world around me as a result of my session. I also feel more at ease and at peace with knowing that I am where I am supposed to be. If you haven’t tried BQH, give a try and keep an open mind!  Be thoughtful about what questions you hope to address prior to the session. I was unsure what to expect, but Candy provided good context prior to starting the session.


Seeing Miss Candy was helpful because she is a good person who helps people relax when they have a lot of stress. During the session, I felt good. Relaxed. Peaceful. Neither positive nor negative. A mixture of the two. I felt balanced. After the session, I felt more relaxed that day.

-Lulu (9 year old with sensitivities)

For my part, I’d say BQH was a very positive experience. I love that it is non-invasive, effective, and taps into the body’s innate sense of what it needs in order to heal. 

-Jenny (Lulu's mama)

I came into this BQH session with no expectations, as I feel that if I did - it might create bias or not allow me to fully invest in the process. I didn't expect the "visual" aspect of my session, but it was helpful to correlate what I was feeling to the representation in my mind. It's hard to communicate, even to yourself at times, how you are feeling in various situations - but now I can connect it back to this visual I had and step through my own process to re-align my thoughts in a positive way.

I would recommend BQH because of the freedom of expression it provides. You get to join your own journey instead of being relegated to societal norms. You get to experience what you may have been feeling at times - but not sure how to explore.  We owe it to ourselves to look at ways to connect internally so we can grow into whom we are meant to be.