Looking for a little INSPIRATION or just wondering what other GURUS have asked? Well, look no further!


PRO TIP: Life purpose and how you make money might not be the same thing. Life purpose tends to be pretty vague but still interesting.You could also ask about your career, the skills you came here with, your soul's plan... etc.

What's my life purpose?

What's my mission?

When will I find love?

Am I on my soul path?

Should I quit my job?

Should I stay in my relationship?

How does my higher self communicate with me?

Should I move?

How can I communicate with my higher self?

Where should I move to?

Was I abducted by aliens?

Will my son/daughter/family be ok?

Is this my last lifetime on Earth?

Why don't I have enough money?

What is my galactic heritage?

Do I need to be the caretaker for my parents?

What planet did I live on before Earth?

Is my health ok?

Why can't I forgive ____________?

What skills am I bringing online?

Why do I push away the people I love?

What is my soul here to learn?

I used to see things now I can't, why?

Why do I feel _______?

Which limiting beliefs do I need to release?

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