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Get to know us!

Hey Gurus! We are Candy & Laura.

We're intuitive guides & conscious entrepreneurs.

We've experienced everything from life in corporate america​

to heart break to life changing illnesses to spiritual awakenings. 

These experiences led us to explore yoga, Reiki, the energy body, Shamanism, food psychology, quantum healing, psychic development, Cardology, Human Design & astrology, to name just a few of our interests.

We love the 80s, dancing, singing off key, bingeing TV shows, LOL-ing & swearing

...that's right, we're just.like.you! 

We are naturally curious... always seeking & consuming information.

We’re soul sisters & business partners trying to live our best lives.

We believe each person has a specific purpose & luckily, we know ours.


We're here to help YOU unleash your inner guru...just like we did!


6 of diamonds, Aquarius, animal & coffee lover, real talker, 

wellness enthusiast, blogger & conscious entrepreneur

Candy's career began at the Lafayette Journal & Courier (a Gannett newspaper) in the advertising & online departments. She spent just under two years at the paper, learning to manage daily deadlines & customer expectations. This is where Candy was first introduced to the potential of the Internet (yes, she's that old)

As the director of the online department at the J&C, she yearned to work for a company that more fully embraced technology. In 1999 she was offered a job to work for a technology start up in Indianapolis, IN that would eventually IPO & rename themselves to NIC.


Almost 15 years later & at the height of Candy’s corporate career with NIC, she realized she wanted more out of life than a fancy title

& a closet full of shoes. 

Despite professional success, her personal life was anything but. She had two failed marriages followed by a long-term relationship that was going nowhere. She had been so focused on her career, she had forgotten (how) to focus on herself. So...

To the shock of nearly everyone around her, Candy walked away from her career in 2014 to embark on her most challenging job yet…

(re)connecting with herself, healing her heart 

& finding her soul’s purpose.


Because Candy had always dreamed of being a writer, she decided to give it a try. Every day for a year, she blogged about her escape from the daily grind & self discoveries at 365go.me .

(This is where you can reeeeeeally get to know her.)


Once free from her corporate restraints, Candy was able to finally begin teaching yoga, a certification she had earned in 2010. 

Her love of water & the outdoors, led her to teaching

yoga on paddle boards, affording her a level of freedom

& expression she hadn't felt since childhood. 


Candy also discovered a passion for the intersection of science & spirituality, called metaphysics.


This led her to earn a coaching certification in

the Psychology of Dynamic Eating from

the Institute of Eating Psychology in Boulder, Colorado. 


Armed with knowledge, certifications & experience she was ready to begin helping others. So Candy partnered with Laura Haehl, her best friend & soul sister, to open their first energy-focused business, nesha, beginning their journey as conscious entrepreneurs. 

Candy eventually bought a yoga studio in Indianapolis

called Tree House & nestled nesha into the basement which was affectionately called “The Sanctuary".

She moved her yoga teaching indoors & spent several years teaching adults & student athletes, while also providing

energy work & food coaching services in The Sanctuary.

She volunteered at a local domestic violence shelter

where she taught children the power of yoga & breath work.


In 2016, Candy became an USUI/Holy Fire Reiki Master

& co-founded a cardology-based business called Kismet (www.itiskismet.com) with her bestie, Laura,

& cardologist guru, Paula Krueger. 

Kismet is a website that helps people understand their life purpose through the lens of cardology (the science behind the playing cards). Candy is a Six of Diamonds (aka The Sensitive Advocate).


She eventually transformed her quiet yoga studio into a zen performance lab called Altitud. But a Camino pilgrimage in 2018

ignited something life-changing within Candy,

a connection to her Higher Self.

Realizing that living a dream & a passion can be two very different things, she closed everything down, got certified in Beyond Quantum Healing & in 2019 moved to an amazing little mountain town you might have heard of called Asheville, NC where she (re)committed to living her passion of helping others to become their own guru.

To unwind, Candy enjoys yoga, kickboxing, being in nature, traveling alone or with friends & getting sucked into psychological thrillers.

But more than anything, she loves spending time with Sheba, her American Bulldog. Nothing beats the unconditional love & uncontrollable tail-wagging of a furry friend.


Candy holds a B.S. in Organizational Leadership & Supervision from Purdue University. She earned distinction as a Sagamore of the Wabash recipient from Governor Frank O’Bannon & was a recipient of the Indianapolis 40 Under 40 achievement award.


She’s also a 500 hour certified yoga instructor, USUI/Holy Fire Reiki Master, eating psychology coach, BQH practitioner & guru coach.



6 of clubs, Aries, chocolate & coffee aficionada, nature lover,

teacher, writer & conscious entrepreneur

Laura began her professional life as a consultant for Arthur Andersen in Chicago after she earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management from Purdue University.


If you have never heard of Arthur Andersen it's because it no longer exists thanks to it being the accounting firm for Enron when that company decided to shred a bunch of documents it wasn't supposed to.

Just prior to the Enron scandal, the U.S. was brought to its knees with the 9/11 tragedy. As Laura watched all of this go down, she realized she needed to make a change. So she left the corporate world to go into a job that would allow her to have more impact on the world…

teaching high school Spanish.


Luckily, she already knew how to speak Spanish & after earning her Master’s in Education, she worked as a teacher for eight years.

Teaching both locally and abroad, allowed Laura to blend her passions for teaching & traveling into a successful career.

Early on in her journey (circa 1996), Laura heard Madonna credit her fit body to yoga, so she decided to give it a try. The results were more than physical for Laura. Yoga became a way for Laura to reconnect to what was most important to her, the feeling of living a balanced life.

Rather than just be a yogi, though, Laura decided to merge her passion for yoga with her passion for teaching & dedicated the summer of 2007 to earning her 200 hour RYT certification so she could teach yoga.

While she was teaching high school Spanish, she spent three summers teaching a language & cultural immersion program in Oviedo, Spain. This allowed her to become fluent in Spanish & experience a culture that embraced a more relaxed, sustainable & enjoyable work pace.


While teaching & mentoring high school students had its rewards, the schedule back home ultimately got the best of her. She fell ill with a bizarre immune system disorder that resulted in a blood issue that could only be controlled by severely altering her diet. She knew immediately that there had to be a better way than living such a restricted life, so she went on a quest to find it.


​This quest led Laura deeper into the study of the human body, including the physical, mental & energy bodies. She began to understand that our health is a result of how we interact with the world which has been proven over & over again in various studies:

stress is detrimental to our longevity.


Laura's search took her to the field of energy work, specifically to Reiki. Much like her previous passions, Laura decided to go all in & she earned a Reiki Master certification which she used to train others to become Reiki practitioners.

Laura leveraged her certifications & life experiences to again switch careers to something she was more passionate about & to have more flexibility in her schedule (thanks, Spain!)  


She co-founded a small healing & coaching business with Candy. When Candy purchased a local yoga studio called Tree House,

the business partners, friends & soul sisters decided

to merge their healing & coaching business with the yoga studio,

moving it literally beneath the studio in a space

they affectionately called The Sanctuary.

(because who wants to say they work in a basement?)​


Having acquired a fondness for the entrepreneurial spirit, the dynamic duo decided to start another business, along with cardologist Paula Krueger, called Kismet (itiskismet.com).

Kismet is a website that helps people understand their life purpose through the lens of cardology (the science behind the playing cards). Laura is a Six of Clubs (aka The Tuned In Realist).


Laura is not only a supporter of the gig economy, she thrives in it having worked as a tutor, interpreter, legal assistant, yoga studio manager, reiki master, intuitive coach, cardologist & BQH practitioner.

Over the years, Laura has turned her passions into careers. She also loves the freedom of being her own boss & helping others to discover that they too can live a passionate & balanced life.


During her free time, Laura works out, practices yoga & drinks coffee, some days lots and lots of coffee and chocolate. She loves hiking, exploring new places, salsa dancing, floating, boxing & bingeing science fiction TV shows.

Laura believes each individual chooses their unique life path & purpose. The challenge lies in discovering what it is.



Here are some of the things we luuuurv...


Not only do we think these books are life-changing,

buuuuut as an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.


Chinese Medicine in Everyday Life by Gail Reichstein


Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsh


Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith


Letting Go by David R. Hawkings


Numerology and the Divine Triangle by Javane & Bunker


Soul by Michael Alan Singer


So You Got a Cards of Destiny Book by Paula Krueger


The Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizadek


The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton


The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield


The Nine Waves of Creation by Carl Johan CallemanThe Untethered


The Subtle Body by Cindi Dale


Untethered Soul by Michael Alan Singer

skin care

We often get asked... how do we look so young.


Welp. I't s a few things.

#1: Clearing out our inner shit.

#2: Prolly genetics.

#3: Spending time outside.

#4: Arbonne facial care products.

So we thought we'd share our faves with you.


© 2020 by Laura Haehl & Candy Irven


Asheville, NC, USA

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