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unleash your

inner guru

Life can be hard...

especially when you feel lost, disconnected

or like you want to chuck it all & run off to the Seychelles.

Let’s be real, you may even feel like your soul is dying a slow death.


But, girl, you are STRONGER than you think.

Deep down you know there is a reason you are here.

And that your mission includes

living a top-notch life like the boss you are!

You just need a bit of guidance. And that’s why we’re here.

We’ve walked 500 miles in your shoes, at least.

And we can help you become your own badass guru.


You’ll feel more sure of yourself,

be in the flow know that anything is possible.

Always ready to jump out of bed and slay the day.


One of the best parts of being your own guru is

mastering your ability to elevate your vibe at any moment.


And how do you do that?

First things first: learn to manage your energy centers.


Want a FREE guide to supercharge your ENERGY ARCHETYPE &

activate your inner badass guru?



Take our Energy Archetype Quiz to reveal

which energy center needs some TLC.

Hey, GURU! 

Like you, we’ve had our own share of ups and downs.


Those experiences have taught us how to unleash our inner gurus.

AKA that feeling of being connected, empowered and energized. All. The. Time.


And that is why we created It’s You, Guru... to help YOU do the same.


BTW, we are more than business partners.


We are best friends and soul sisters.


And together we want to show you that there is more than one way to be your own guru.

© 2020 by Laura Haehl & Candy Irven


Asheville, NC, USA

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